Look no further. We have made it easy. No need to generate Self-Signed Certificates.

We provide Intranet SSL/TLS Certificates that do not have limitations that public CA issued Certificates have. They are available for multiple years for Server Names, internal/public IP Addresses, Domain names, and localhost.

Also, we provide Single Domain, Multi-Domain (with Subject Alternate Name—SAN values), and Wildcard SSL/TLS Certificate for Intranet Servers, if you need them for IT and ISO Audits.


  • Secure localhost, Server Name, Internal IP Address, Internal Domain, Sub-domain including Wildcard domain e.g., *.company.local 
  • Secure multiple servers using SAN values
  • Certificates valid up to 10 years
  • Install the same certificate on unlimited servers
  • The certificate is issued with SecureNT Intranet Root & Intranet Intermediate CA chain. They are to be installed on each client’s machine.
  • Fast Issuance, usually less than 24 hours
  • Fast Expert Customer Support
  • Automatic renewal reminders and early renewal options
  • 90-day free certificate for Single Domain. 30-day free certificate for Multi-domain and Wildcard.
  • Certificates with Custom Root CA in the name of your Organization available
  • Client Authentication Certificates for Web-based Applications and Document Management System available

Technical Information

  • Certificates are issued by default with RSA Encryption, 2048 bit Key Size, and Sha256 Hash Algorithm
  • The Root Certificate chain is from Secure Network Traffic
  • Custom Root Certificate chain on your organization name is available on request
  • Client Authentication Certificates for Single Sign-on and Document Management / Signing available on request.
  • RSA Certificates with different Key Size and Hash Algorithm available on request
  • ECDSA Certificates with 256 and 384-bit Key Size also available on request