Here you get SecureNT Intranet root and intermediate certificates. Also, you can download the CA certificate chain, if needed.

Just click on the required certificate to download it.

  1. SecureNT Intranet Root Certificate
  2. SecureNT Intranet Intermediate Certificate
  3. SecureNT Intranet Chained CA Certificate Bundle (both root & intermediate certificates are there in a single file)

After the download, rename the file extension from “.txt” to “.cer” or whatever name you want. Downloaded root files are in DER format. In case you require them in PEM (txt) format send mail to [email protected]

Steps to install SecureNT Intranet Root Certificates on Windows PCs

  1. Right click on the file name in Windows Explorer. Click on “Install Certificate”.
  2. You will see “Do you want to open this file?” Click “Yes.”
  3. You will see “Certificate” Click on “Install Certificate”
  4. You will see “Welcome to the Certificate Import Wizard” Against Store location select “Local Machine” and click “Next”.
  5. You will see “Do you wish to allow this app to make changes to your device?” Click “Yes”
  6. You will see “Certificate Import Wizard – Certificate Store” Select “Place all the certificates in the following store”. Click “Browse”.
  7. You will see “Select Certificate Store”. For “SecureNT Intranet Root CA.cer” select “Trusted Root Certification Authorities” and for “SecureNT Intranet Intermediate CA.cer” select “Intermediate Certification Authorities”. Click “Next”. Click “Finish”

In case you wish to install the Root Certificates on multiple Windows client PCs or in Firefox browser read our blog here.

How to add root certificate to Mac OS X

  1. Double click the certificate file (with “.cer” extension). It will start “Keychain Access” app. Under “Add Certificate” against “Do you want to add the certificates from the file “SecureNT Intranet Root CA.cer” to a keychain?” Choose “System” from the keychain option. Then press “OK”
  2. In window pops-up “Do you want your computers to trust certificates signed by <root CA> from now on? click the “Always Trust” button.
  3. Then you will see under “Keychain Access” that the certificate is added to the system entry.

Repeat above steps for each Certificate.

In case you wish to install the Root Certificates on multiple OS X client Macs or in Firefox browser read our blog here.