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Our Mission

We ensure the security of data in motion on the internal network, where the most important data of an organization resides.

Our Vision

Become the number one Private Certifying Authority, in terms of the number of certificates and revenue, and remain the leader in the foreseeable future.

At Secure Network Traffic, we are committed to improving the Security of the Organization’s Network Traffic by developing various Information Technology Products and Services.

We started our operations in December 2021. Read our story here.

About SecureNT Intranet SSL Certificate

Secure Network Traffic (SNT) is a Private Certifying Authority (CA). It has designed and developed the process to manufacture the SecureNT Intranet SSL Certificates. 

Currently, each SecureNT Intranet SSL Certificate is issued using a comprehensive certificate issuance process. We have ensured that the entire process is secure and full-proof. Currently, we take 1 to 24 hours to issue the certificate. So, each certificate is as unique as each of our customers is.

About our CEO

Rajesh is an industry veteran with 37 years of experience in Computer Software and Information Security. An alumnus of IIT Bombay, he worked for Tata Unisys before venturing into Blue Chip Computers. His latest venture is Secure Network Traffic, a Private Certifying Authority that issues Intranet SSL Certificates to encrypt digital assets on the internal networks of an organization. When he is not wearing his business hat, he wears other hats such as that of an angel investor, a mentor, or a blogger with a keen interest in farming. He is also an avid meditator; and a certified trainer of Heartfulness Meditation.

Our Pride

We take pride in our work. And it shows in many ways. Take, for example, our prompt, efficient, and technically sound after-sales support. Our certificate issuance and replacement policies are customer-centric.

Sales and Marketing

Manufacturing and distribution of SecueNT Intranet SSL Certificates are both handled by Blue Chip Computers.

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Secure Network Traffic is the owner of the SecureNT brand & trademark and website.