Our CEO,  Rajesh Kothari while working at Blue Chip Computers, felt a pressing need to use an SSL Certificate for the Server on the Local Area Network. This is because we were resellers of SSL Certificates from DigiCert and GlobalSign, and hated the sight of HTTPS errors even on our internal network. We never wanted to use plain Self-Signed SSL Certificates.

Our Story!
Photo by Ioana Motoc from Pexels

The pandemic gave us an excellent opportunity to work on creating our own private Certifying Authority. One thing led to another and the penny dropped. Why not offer Intranet SSL Certificates to our customers also?

During this mental turmoil what with arguments, and counter-arguments, one of our regular customers asked for an Intranet SSL Certificate. We got the order and placed it on one of the reputed vendors. They processed the order but after some time declined the issuance saying that “.ad” in the URL was reserved for a country named “Andorra” so they couldn’t issue the Intranet SSL.

We decided to seize the opportunity and spoke to the customer about supplying them with our own Intranet SSL. This led to the creation of a separate entity – Secure Network Traffic just to cater to the pent-up demand for SSL Certificates for Internal Networks, i.e., Intranets.

We registered the domain, followed by the usual activities that any start-up would end up doing. It has been a long journey with the midnight oil being burnt by the entire team in trying out the service and perfecting it on our internal networks.

We offered our own SSL Certificate to our customers for a no-obligation trial. Being their trusted vendors for many years, they had no hesitation in trying. Tried they did and found that it was working perfectly as promised. It was only then that we requested them for a Purchase Order.

This is how the humble beginnings of Intranet SSL under ‘Secure Network Traffic’ were.

As Robert Frost rightly put it

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep,

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep.”