Secure Network Traffic Intranet SSL

Agree. Secure Network Traffic (SecureNT) is a new chip on the block. Why should you trust us? If we were you, even we would ask the same question.

We request you to consider the following points and decide.

1. People behind our company are selling SSL certificates of all reputed brands for almost 20 years. It started with Verisign SSL certificates. It had the highest reputation. Verisign Secure Site Pro was the best-selling SSL even though it was the costliest. DigiCert bought over Verisign brand of SSL from Symantec in 2017. In 2021, the Verisign SSL brand no longer exists. It’s now known as DigiCert SSL. With time, trust icons change.

2. SecureNT Intranet SSL brand has recently been launched. Also, it makes private SSL certificates with non-public Root Certificates. SecureNT SSL certificates are meant for internal networks only. So, SecureNT has a way to go. But, we are confident that soon millions of clients will use it.

3. We know the SSL technology and distribution business very well. SecureNT SSL certificates have undergone stringent tests before we made them available to users.

Currently, it’s in use on the internal network of a very large MNC with hundreds of users on “Active Directory” based IT infrastructure for their SAS application. The organization has installed SecureNT Root Certificates on client PCs using Microsoft Group Policy (GPO). It works perfectly, as expected.

4. We understand the customers’ pain points. We have “flexible” after-sales policies. For example, say you have bought SecureNT SSL for 3 years for an internal IP “” And, after a few months, you decide to change the IP to the URL “” You let us know about the change of domain name and we will issue a new SSL for this URL, free of cost, for the remaining period.

Had you purchased this SSL from a public CA, they would never have entertained such requests, forcing you to buy a fresh certificate.

5. We have no restrictions for extensions. To cite an example, one of our customers bought Intranet SSL for a domain – “” We quickly issued the SSL certificate. It was only later that we learned that before approaching us, they had placed the order with a well-known SSL vendor. They processed the order and after completing the usual verification, the customer was told that SSL could not be issued because the Intranet domain has a reserved extension (.ad) in the URL. It is reserved for a country named “Andorra”. At Intranet SSL, we have no such limitations. What is internal must remain internal after all.