One can use Microsoft Certificate Authority to issue Certificates to internal servers. But, it is not easy to set it up, manage and use. It requires highly skilled people with specialized knowledge.

Please check out the following 3 articles to get some idea of the issues faced by users.

  1. How good is Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Service (AD CS) as Enterprise CA?
  2. The purpose of this page is to maintain a list of known Microsoft hotfixes, patches, and known issues related to the Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) role.
  3. I hate SSL Certs

So, what do I do?

Secure Network Traffic’s Intranet SSL is the answer. You don’t have to use Self-signed Certificates or set up your own PKI Infrastructure or use Windows Certificate Authority. Just buy Certificates from us as and when required. And they are light on the pocket too!

What’s the problem with Windows Certificate Authority?

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