Installation of SSL Certificate on Microsoft Azure environment for a web application is different than on the regular Windows Server.

This is because Azure does not allow creation of CSR (Certificate Signing Request) in the Azure’s cloud environment. So, one needs to install the CSR using a local server. Once the certificate is issued it should be installed on the local server.

Once that is done, one needs to export the SSL certificate to a password protected PFX file with Triple DES encryption. Please note that by default the exported PFX file is with AES encryption. This is rather surprising because Triple DES encryption is deprecated some years back because it was not very secure. Contact us, when you wish to install the SSL in Azure environment.

After getting the required PFX file, you need to upload it on Azure. Here are the steps:

  1. Log into the Azure portal.  On the left menu, select App Services, and the web application name.
  2. From the app’s navigation menu, go to TLS/SSL settings > Private Key Certificates(.pfx) > Upload Certificate.
  3. In the PFX Certificate File section, choose your PFX file. In the Certificate password field enter the PFX file password. Click Upload.

After the SSL certificate is installed, you need to bind the certificate so that your web application data is encrypted. To do so, follow the official Azure documentation.



SSL Certificate Installation on Microsoft Azure
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